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Three Phase Pad Mounted Transformer
2500 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer
1500 kva Pad Mounted Transformer
1000 kva Pad Mounted Transformer
Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer
15 kVA Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer
25 kVA Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer
50 kVA Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer


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Frequently Asked Questions

A pad-mounted transformer, like the Daelim Bele C three-phase transformer, is designed for use in underground distribution systems. It is typically used in various settings, including residential areas, tourist sites, hotels, and other buildings. These transformers are installed outdoors inside a cabinet with doors and locks to ensure safe operation.

Pad-mounted transformers come in two basic configurations: radial and loop feed. The choice between these configurations depends on the type of circuit on which the transformers will be installed. It’s important to consult with an electrical professional to determine which configuration is most suitable for your specific project and electrical needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

Daelim Bele C transformers adhere to the latest applicable standards, including ANSI, DOE, IEEE, CSA, and IC. These transformers are developed and produced to meet exacting customer specifications. Key features include high voltage capabilities, no drifting of the neutral point, low energy loss, compact design, cost-effectiveness, safety measures, and environmental protection. These transformers are not only efficient but also aesthetically appealing, making them a reliable choice for various applications.

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