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Pressure Rated Solvent Weld Schedule 40 Pipe
Pressure Rated PVC Pipe AWWA C900
PVC Pipe Sanitary Sewer System Non-Pressure Rated


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Frequently Asked Questions

Sewer pipes are designed to maintain a smooth inner surface throughout years of service, ensuring they do not lose flow rate capacity. This means that even after extended use, the pipes continue to provide efficient wastewater flow without significant reduction in capacity.

Yes, pipes are corrosion-resistant and remain unaffected by corrosion or any type of soil. These pipes do not require expensive coatings or epoxies to protect against corrosion, making them a safe and long-lasting choice for sewer systems.

These pipes are tested in accordance with applicable standards in an accredited laboratory by EMA (Mexican Accreditation Entity). This stringent quality control process ensures that the pipes meet the required standards for performance and durability, providing confidence in their reliability for sewer system applications.

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