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 HBG Supply manufactures its cabinets in Xiamen, China, and established a production factory in Malaysia in 2019 to supply wooden kitchen cabinets for the US market. We take pride in our cabinets’ quality, which includes all-wood construction and a wide variety of door styles and color choices. Our commitment to Canadian and American quality standards ensures that our cabinets meet the highest industry standards. We have an extensive quality assurance process in place, which includes strict quality control practices and skilled workers dedicated to crafting superior kitchen and bathroom furnishings.

HBG Supply’s cabinet factory in Xiamen, China, has a substantial production capacity. Currently, we have the capability to produce up to 50 x 40′ HQ containers of cabinets each month. This capacity allows us to meet the demands of both residential and commercial projects of varying sizes.

Yes, we welcome you to visit our cabinet factory at your convenience. We believe in transparency and are proud to show you our production processes and the high-quality materials we use. Visiting our factory will provide you with a better understanding of our commitment to superior craftsmanship and quality. Please feel free to contact our team to arrange a visit, and we look forward to cooperating with you on your cabinet needs. Thank you!

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